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Proven has been a noted Horde-side guild dedicated to experiencing end-game content and overcoming the most difficult of encounters. While overcoming the worst that Azeroth has to offer, Proven has embraced its teammates unique playstyles, playing schedules and created mature friendships in a team atmosphere.

Working together in dungeons, raids, and PvP encounters are the means, but having fun is the end. Ultimately, it is not the random loot that you will remember from an evening of playing, but the experience of working together with friends that will resonate in your memory. That is why we play. We therefore expect maturity, civility, dedication, and the ability to pay attention and to laugh at yourself when needed.

What is a "casual" raiding guild? This merely means that the individual player chooses how active he or she is in the guild and how much they participate in raids. All levels of raiding require time, effort, and preparation on the part of every player who wants to succeed.

There is no attendance policy for our members. You may show up as little or as much as you want. (Casual, get it?) Just understand that the more you show up and contribute to your maximum ability, the more likely you are to get drafted repeatedly. Proven intends to experience all end-game content but this will only occur with the dedication of its members.

Understand that it is the players responsibility to align their effort with their goals. You get out what you put in.

Your Officers:

Emgee, Bplus, Ashensoul, Flycor, Raggon, Lahkh , Ddurn


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